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The Rubbergold ® products are manufactured and marketed by Raclac S.A, which is characterized by the market as competent and of high quality and reliability for maximum protection. The brand is based on concepts such as modernity, innovation and technological development, concepts recreated every day in the business circle of Raclac.


Nexderma® reflects the alliance of dermoprotective care to a loyal commitment to differentiating quality. From scientific and technological development, the Nexderma® product line is born, a brand inspired by the perfect symbiosis of the cutaneous barrier and committed to avant-garde development.

Innovative solutions cement the signature of Nexderma® products, developed by Raclac, S.A ..

We Create your brand

Join the Challenge Your Brand Program and develop your brand by embedding it in products developed, designed and manufactured by Raclac, S.A., in the light of the highest quality standards. Products of excellence and at the forefront of innovation mirrored in the philosophy of Your Brand!