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Raclac Project

Raclac, S.A. is a private capital European company, specialized in development, manufacturing and commercialization of disposable products for the health, industry and esthetics area.
Products produced and commercialized by Raclac are known in the market as competent, high quality and reliable.

We provide qualified workers, with a training base, oriented to satisfy the most demanding customer expectations. We have a technical department for the development and conception of new products, that are developed according to the customer needs, with regard to design and technical requirements of the product, including the registration of their own brands.

With an integrated logistics service, characterized by high freight forwarding and storage capacity, adapted to each customer expedition needs, we provide flexible solutions, adjusted to each customer profile.
We provide an efficient, diversified and flexible delivery service, which supports Raclac policy: being where protection is needed!


Vision and mission

Costumer success and satisfaction, are the top priority for Raclac, which guides the importance we attach to the development of products, quality control and business flexibility.

Raclac Aiming at creating innovation as a differential market strategy. The result is the wide portfolio of products with a high standard of quality and performance.



From its inception, Raclac has implemented a policy of social and environmental responsibility, always with the same ambition: a better world.
Raclac defends the non-use of child labor, a criterion present in all agreements established, with all its partners, as well as other practices , that contribute to greater social justice.

Raclac, also, encourages, its employees to assume a culture of conscious environmental habits, including the rational use of energy and other consumables.

World changes, when each of us decide to change!


Global Market

The high growth in the export of our products reflects the confidence, quality and accuracy recognized in Raclac SA. Combining competence, professionalism and credibility, we guarantee an effective response to the most varied needs and markets. With the dominance of the national market, Raclac strategy is to export.