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  • High Quality Standards
  • We create your Protection
  • Certification: The only way

High Quality Standards

Our organization is fully committed to Quality.

Quality guides the innovative development, having as crucial pillar the maximum reach of the needs and protection of the users of our products. The design and development of products with the highest quality requirements and standards constitute the unequivocal commitment and dedication of Raclac SA in continuously exceeding the expectations of its Partners.


We create your Protection

Raclac SA is dedicated to the development of innovative and efficient protection solutions, betting on the creation of innovation as a differentiating market strategy. As a result of the synergies of the R & D Department and the technological and scientific tools present in manufacturing, high-quality products emerge to meet idealized performance and protection.


Certification: The only way

Raclac SA has a Quality Management System certified by SGS United Kingdom under the Harmonized ISO 9001:2008, as well as ISO 13485:2003 our goal is a high-quality standard and our commitment is a high-quality standard.

Manufacturer of Medical Devices, Raclac Lda is registered in the National Competent Authority: INFARMED – National Authority for Medicines and Health Products I.P ..